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St. Barnabas Church, Klang

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Youth Fellowship

The St.Barnabas youth fellowship is an open group to anyone from the age of 13 - 21 years old. The youth fellowship is where most of the youths can have fellowship with one another and to support one another. Most youths nowadays face many challenges and social problems and needs a place to lay them down and to discuss about it, so the youth fellowship provides that need. Having fellowship with the family of Christ is very important, therefore we have regular activity each two weeks for the youths to spend some time with one another. The youths also meet regularly to study the word of God and to explore more of the meaning of life. It's crucial for the youths to get spiritual knowledge as it will lay down the foundation in their lives. Part of the youth fellowship agenda is also to have recreational activities.
Youth Fellowship


Highlights of Youth Events:

  • Youth meeting - every Sunday 10.30am
  • Youth Alpha - Every Saturday 7.00pm
  • Birthday bash - every two months once.
  • Bowling
  • Paintball

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